What drugs can you buy in amsterdam

what drugs can you buy in amsterdam

How Old Do You Have to Be to Smoke Weed in Amsterdam?

Only Amsterdam weed and hash can be bought legally, and only in the official coffee shops in Amsterdam. All other Amsterdam drugs are banned. Head shops in Amsterdam are still allowed, but they cannot sell psylo's (magic mushrooms) anymore. Below are all the details. In recent years, due to the relaxing of the soft drug laws in Amsterdam, there has been a boom in Smart Shops. They sell a wide range of products, ranging from Magic Truffles & Herbal stimulants & After E recovery kits. Here's some of the common things you may come across in an Amsterdam Smart Shop:Author: Smokers Guide.

Not here for the art and tulips? Want to know more about taking drugs in the Netherlands? What would your mother think?! Remember, prepare before you pop!

Planning on taking drugs in the Netherlands? Well, before we begin, I just want to point what drugs can you buy in amsterdam that ecstasy a. It is considered a hard drug in the Netherlands and therefore it is trafficked and sold by dealers illegally. What makes the Netherlands different is that they like to inform their users of the risks in order to keep people safe.

DutchReview wants to speak a bit more about this so, here what is the difference between active and passive listening All about taking drugs in the Netherlands: XTC….

XTC is a psychoactive drug that is used recreationally, usually for dance music events. It emerged in the s as a street drug and has only grown in popularity since. The person who takes the drugs will feel euphoric, energetic and confident. This feeling tends to last for several hours after the user has taken the drug. The adverse effects are issues such as difficulty sleeping, teeth grinding, sweating and rapid heartbeat.

What drugs can you buy in amsterdam can also be addictive. Mood and setting are really important when taking Ecstasy. I also have friends who have assumed that all drugs were legal. However, I can assure you that it is illegal here. Despite this, it one of the most used illegal drugs here in the Netherlands — likely because dance music is widely listened to here.

In other countries, this will be enough to prosecute you — and prosecute you they will. Street dealers often target tourists in Amsterdam, offering to provide them with good quality drugs.

This is not the case though! Tourists are easy targets and what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam, right? However, these street dealers drufs been selling fake and dangerous drugs for a while now.

Two Brits from my hometown and who many of my friends knew bought what they thought was cocaine from a street dealer in Amsterdam a few years back — it was actually white heroin. They were found dead in their hotel room.

Yeah, it really can be that damn scary. Of how long do strep throat symptoms last, sometimes they can outright look dodgy as hell, so you make that decision first hand. This is also a plus point of going to a test centre, so you are aware of the strength of your pill. You can buy self-testing kits in some shops in the Netherlands or from drjgs online provider. These tell you if there is strong reading of Ecstasy inside the pill.

This way you can know if there is Ecstasy present in the pill, but you still cannot tell what else is inside it. You can also check pill reports, but they are not completely fool-proof. For this, you would have to visit a drug testing clinic. Yes, you can. The Netherlands has specially designed how to respond to craigslist personal ad where you can take your drugs.

This sample will be sent off to the lab where it will be tested. Once the results are back no longer than a buh week waityou will receive a phone call. In this phone call they will inform you about what components make up your pill. They will then advise you whether it would be safe to take it. There are two testing centres in Amsterdam. One of them is Jellinek in the south and the other GGD. Here they will test a sample of your ecstasy and let you know what it is composed of.

You will not get in trouble for going to these test centres and they will keep your info anonymously. Here is the address to find them:. Here are a few things that you must take into consideration if you are taking it.

Here are a few helplines that you can call and they will help you. After more guides about taking drugs in the Netherlands? What about a guide to smoking weed in But What is your opinion on how drug use is dealt with when taking drugs in the Netherlands? Leave a comment below! Drink water if your thirsty! This is the danger of the information age, bad advice!

Yes XTC does make it hard to piss, but not impossible, just take your time and drink sensibly and what drugs can you buy in amsterdam a lollipop. Remember to eat chapel hill is in what county in the days before. Have a balanced diet you should anyway. Try and eat some yoghurt the morning after, then gradually as your appetite returns, eat two eggs, toast with butter, redbush tea and fruit eggs are key to normality, clearing out toxins.

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So, what is Ecstasy XTC? What is the law on Ecstasy in the Netherlands? Getting XTC in Amsterdam: street dealers Street dealers often drugw tourists in Amsterdam, offering to provide them with good quality drugs. Pill testing saves lives. Can you get Ecstasy tested in the Netherlands? Taking drugs in the Netherlands?

Only take Ecstasy if YOU have decided to. Not because your friends are doing it or because someone asked you to. You should take it only if you are comfortable doing so Do not buy drugs from street dealers and always test it before you use! Never down water or any other liquid after taking Ecstasy — you could drown.

Ecstasy makes your body temperature rise, that amsteerdam with dancing drusg cause your body to shut down as it overheats.

Where can I get help with my Ecstasy use? Previous article A year-old girl has what drugs can you buy in amsterdam shot dead near a school in Rotterdam. Next article Suspect now charged after shooting a girl outside a school in Rotterdam yesterday.

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What is the law on Ecstasy in the Netherlands?

Jan 05,  · Before we begin, it’s good to know what drugs are legal in the Netherlands. For all intents and purposes, weed, hash, and truffles (basically magic mushrooms) are legal in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands. They are readily available in coffeeshops (weed and hash) or smart shops (truffles) for anyone who is 18 years or carolacosplay.usted Reading Time: 6 mins. Jan 03,  · While marijuana is not technically legal in the Netherlands, the possession and purchase of small amounts (marijuana, hashish, space cakes and mushroom-based truffles) is allowed/tolerated and users won’t be prosecuted for smoking or carrying this carolacosplay.usted Reading Time: 8 mins. Dec 18,  · XTC is a psychoactive drug that is used recreationally, usually for dance music events. It emerged in the s as a street drug and has only grown in popularity since. The person who takes the drugs will feel euphoric, energetic and confident. Serotonin basically floods into your brain and you’re happy as carolacosplay.usted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Many visitors want to experiment a little with drugs in Amsterdam. But Amsterdam isn't one big party area where "everything goes". Only Amsterdam weed and hash can be bought legally, and only in the official coffee shops in Amsterdam. All other Amsterdam drugs are banned. Head shops in Amsterdam are still allowed, but they cannot sell psylo's magic mushrooms anymore. Below are all the details. Officially , all drugs in Amsterdam are banned. However, for practical reasons, the government 'tolerates' the sale and use of small quantities of 'soft drugs' marihuana, or weed, and hash by licensed Amsterdam coffee shops.

If you are over 18, you are allowed to own 30 grams of weed or hash, and you can buy up to 5 grams per sale in coffee shops in Amsterdam, and smoke it right there. Funny enough, the nation-wide tobacco smoking ban in bars, cafes, clubs etc.

If not, you can only smoke the pure drugs in a bong water pipe , or use a vaporizer. You can also eat space cake here cake with marihuana or hash baked into it - but be careful, space cake can be very hefty. Coffee shops are not allowed to serve alcohol. Using too much soft drugs in Amsterdam, or mixing it with alcohol or other drugs, can result in bad trips, panic attacks, blackouts, etc. Due to the long history of plant improvement, soft drugs sold in Amsterdam usually have much higher levels of THC the active substance than drugs at home.

Don't be afraid to ask the coffee shop staff how to smoke it. Don't buy drugs anywhere else. In reality, they may sell you either vitamin C, washing powder or anything else. The same goes for drugs sold by individuals on parties, in clubs etc.

Tests shows that in many cases, the pills don't contain what they are said to contain. Some dance parties etc. But this does not imply that all drugs sold at that party are safe - far from it. The coffee shops that have a government license are the only ones who can legally sell marihuana and hash. Dutch society is pretty tolerant towards soft drugs, but it's also very ordered. In most places, using soft drugs is not allowed and will get you a tongue lashing at the least.

Most bars, hostels, hotels etc. When in doubt, politely ask if it's OK to light a joint. Remember, however, that there's a nation-wide smoking ban in hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs etc. You can only smoke tobacco in their special smoking room, if they have one.

But even if they do, again you can usually not smoke cannabis there. When in doubt, ask politely. Smoking weed outside in public used to be no big problem, but officially it's not allowed, and during the last years the police seems to be stricter on this.

If you're caught, you can get a hefty fine, especially when you're a nuisance to other people. Walking the streets or using public transportation while stoned is usually tolerated when you behave normally and don't look too scary. As long as you can bike straight, biking while stoned won't usually get you into trouble with the police even though it's banned but it's still unwise if you're new in Amsterdam. Take public transportation or taxis, or walk. Driving after using soft drugs in Amsterdam is a crime, and police may use drug test units to catch offenders.

You may end up killing somebody while driving under the influence, so don't. For a long time, 'magic mushrooms' like psilocybins were allowed too. You could buy them in the Amsterdam head shops or smart shops. But since some tourists ended up dead after going crazy on mushrooms, they've been completely banned too. Besides cannabis, all other drugs in Amsterdam are completely banned. That doesn't mean you can't get them - in a city like Amsterdam, you can basically get anything you want.

Just know that you can be sold anything - unless you're an expert with testing gear, you just don't know what you're putting inside your body. There's no supervision or regulation of any kind.

Especially drugs sold on the streets can be dangerous. Remember, if you're a tourist, it matters little to a drug dealer if you're returning to his business or not. Soft drugs in Amsterdam aren't tolerated because the Dutch love them. Instead, the Dutch are pragmatics: they believe drugs will never fully disappear and allowing 'soft drugs' means the government can control and regulate it. Combating 'hard drugs' at the same time has the effect of separating both scenes and markets.

And it's true: you can use soft drugs in Amsterdam for many years without ever getting in touch with hard drugs. Experts agree that on the whole, drug use in the Netherlands is much lower than e. This goes both for cannabis weed and hash , cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and amphetamines. Of course, many other factors may play a role regarding these differences. Book your museum, tour and canal tickets here with a discount and without the long!

We are able to offer this through an Amsterdam ticket broker whith exclusive deals with all major Amsterdam attractions. All rights reserved. The famous Bulldog coffee shop. Skip the Lines! About Us Amsterdam-Advisor. Read more.

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