How to open beer bottle with keys

how to open beer bottle with keys

How to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

i just keep a bottle opener on my keys. 0. JakeBlanton. I've often used a pocket knife to open beer bottles since I always have one of those with me. The blade can catch the edge well enough to open it if necessary. Don't use the tip since you are likely to bend it. It used to be that the car door latches were just the right size for How to Open a Beer Bottle with Basically Anything With a little practice, you can leverage almost anything into a bottle opener, from lighters to belt buckles to old iPhones. August 28,

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Sponsored content. Is there anything more inconvenient than not being able to open a beer? Think about what is wap browser in mobile. How frustrating is it to be watching a nail-biting game or chatting someone up at a party, then being distracted by something as silly as not having a bottle opener for your favorite brew?

Keep the good times rolling with these hacks. Just place one edge of how to open beer bottle with keys bottle cap on top of the table, hold the neck of the bottle tight, and use your other hand to slam down on the bottle.

Fold a dollar bill in half vertically and roll it up as tightly as possible. Fold it in half again and believe it botyle not, the bent edge should be strong and sturdy enough to pop open a bottle. With your dominant hand, place the bent buck under the cap and push upward, which will release the top. If you have a basic one handy, grab the bottleneck with just enough space to fit the lighter between the top of your index finger and the bottom of the cap.

With your other hand, push the free side of the lighter down, which should make the top beerr right how to open beer bottle with keys. With your hand over the bottle, place the underside of your ring right under the bottle cap, tilt the bottle 45 degrees, grip the top and pull back. This one is a little more involved, but still gets the job done: Hold the beer with your non-dominant hand and use the other to place the long side of the key under the cap.

Twist the key upward to loosen part of the cap, turn the bottle, and repeat until the cap is loose enough for you to slip the point of the key under and oepn the top.

Removing the belt from your pants, just place one edge of the buckle under the cap and how to grow lily of the valley pips your thumb to push down on the other side of the buckle with enough force to release the cap.

Find the door strike—the metal plate surrounding the hole where the latch is inserted—and wedge a tilted bottle inside. Befr silverware drawer contains several bottle-opening hacks. First, take a fork and stick a single tine beneath the cap, working back and forth until you remove it.

Also, you can use a spoon. A claw hammer also works bottel well. Turn it upside down and position one of forks beneath the cap, botyle lift until you can take off the cap. And should you ever be hosting a party, make sure you have plenty of bottle openers handy. Here bortle three of our favorites. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube!

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A dollar bill

 · How to Open a Beer Bottle with an Edge. This is both one of the most satisfying and most potentially destructive ways to open a beer bottle, so it’s a double win! Simply hook the edge of that

You like it. I like it. We all like it. The only problem is that sometimes the sudsy stuffed is trapped in non-twist-off glass bottles which, while very are attractive, can be a hindrance if you don't have a bottle opener. Don't worry. You can pop those pesky caps off with basically anything : lighters, belt buckles, keys, and even the iPhone 5. We wouldn't recommend the iPhone 6, since it's a little too bend-y.

All you need is a solid edge and a little leverage. Let's take the trusty 'ol lighter, as an example. First , get a good grip around the very top of the neck. Brace your index finger against the glass, creating a U-shaped bridge with your finger—this is going to be your fulcrum.

Think of it like the middle of a seesaw. Next , take the lighter. Solidify your grip around it, leaving about 25 percent of the plastic end visible. Wedge the lighter in between your U-shaped finger and the beer bottle, hold on tight, and use the leverage to flick upward at the bottle cap. You probably won't get it on the first try, but the key is to keep practicing. If the cap is particularly stubborn, you can rotate the bottle and try again on a different edge.

Once you get a feel for the leverage, you can use whatever's at your disposal. Related Stories for GQ Drinking.

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