How to make winx club wings

how to make winx club wings

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#winx #winxclub #cosplayI know the final product was a bit rough but take my word for it ;)-Make sure to subscribe to see my videos when they come out!Check. Here you can See the progress how I made my wings for Layla Sirenix Transformation from WinX Club. 1. Wings were cut out of the makrolon with a cnc milling machine 2. Wings get covered with iridescent foil on the backside 3. They got airbrushed (The base colours) the used colours are glass colours. 4.

Roxy is a character in the Winx Club animated series. She is the youngest Winx fairy, but she acts tough, tomboyish, and even standoffish at times. Her first appearance was in the third episode of the fourth season, The Last Fairy on Earth.

Roxy is rebellious, a little shy, and willful. She cares great deal for animals clu the point of making her own secret shelter for them in mxke back of her father's bar. She is very brave, having confronted the Black Circle a couple of times and burglars even wknx she could not transform, and is always willing to help those in need.

However, she can also get confrontational whenever she's angry or feels threatened, sticking up for herself when others put her down. But on the same note, she is prone to tears when very confused or scared. She also lives in Gardenia, just like Bloomand this makes the wjnx quite close. The Winx Club first how to make winx club wings her at the Frutti Music Bar where she and her father work, and got mske befriend her later in the series.

She owns a pet dog, Artuwhom she loves very much. In episode twenty-five of season four, it is revealed that Morgana is Roxy's mother. It is unknown if this makes her a real princess or a princess by title.

Roxy did not appear in seasons 12 or 3. Roxy is initially wary of the Winx Clubthinking that they what is a good powerlifting total just a bunch of snobbish wnigs girls. She worked as a bartender and waitress at her father 's bar, the Frutti Music Bar. Later, she changes her opinion when the Winx Club follow her to her personal room at the Frutti Music Bar because the Winx Club realized that she was downloading more than one pet she downloaded several, all under different names.

This makes her even more suspicious of the girls, thinking they are crazy. Later on, win becoming friends with the girls, she is attacked by the Wizards of the Black Circleleading her to believe in magic and earn the Winx their Believix. After a while she decides to show her powers to her Dad, but during her attempt, Roxy discovers it is really Duman in disguise.

After being kidnapped, Roxy manages to escape and save her dad, but Gantlos tries to stop how to make winx club wings. After Gantlos harms Artu, Roxy becomes very enraged and transforms into a fairy, just like how Bloom first transformed herself in Season 1 when she was facing the Trix.

After struggling to use her new magic to protect herself, the other Winx girls arrive to save her after making a large group of people in Gardenia believe in fairies. Once the Wizards disappear and Roxy reunites with Artu and Klaus, she complains to Bloom that she does not want to be a fairy, as it is too dangerous, but when Ogron attacks Bloom and Roxy's father, with help from the woman in her dreams, Roxy fights back.

As she gains more and more confidence with each passing day, she wants nothing more than to free the Earth Fairies from imprisonment, and is vital when the Winx go to free them. Once Roxy helps free her fellow Earth Fairies, she feels sad due to the fact that they all want revenge. After Bloom defeats Nebula in a fight several days later, Roxy manages to convince Morgana to drop her campaign for revenge.

After the Black Circle betray their promise to surrender, Roxy and the rest of the girls, are deeply saddened by Nabu's sacrifice in order to stop the Black Circle's plot. The following morning, Roxy has a vision of Morgana being trapped hoe in the castle.

After fighting off Nebula and the How to make medela swing a double pump Fairies including AishaRoxy frees Morgana from the magic mirror as she, being Morgana's daughter, is next in line to be queen. How to make winx club wings Morgana is free, Roxy is overjoyed at finally finding her mother, and Bloom again comments that she is so much like her.

After following the Earth Fairies to the Omega Realm, Roxy aids Morgana and the Winx in convincing them not to seek revenge and aids in the defeat of the Wizards once and for all. After leaving Omega, Roxy witnesses Morgana's abdication and the crowning of Nebula as eings new queen Roxy being too young to be queen herselfand Aisha's rejoining the Winx, and returns to Gardenia with the Winx and Morgana. The following night, Roxy accepts Faragonda's offer to study at Alfea.

Even though she was introduced in Season 4, she doesn't make an appearance in the second movie. At this time, it is unknown if she attends to Alfea or not. Recent trailers of season 5 have caused some debate over whether Roxy will be in season 5 or not despite earlier confirmation from Rainbow that there will be 7 fairies in Seasons 5 and 6.

Roxy has waist-length, dark pink hair with yellow tips and violet eyes. She has a green, long-sleeve top with a pink shirt over it, which has a blue paw print in front. Her jeans are knee-length with a chain hanging off at her waist and she also wears pink and white laced-up boots. An Enchantix-like outfit for Roxy was featured in a Russian video game, although it is directly based on fan-art. It is most likely not official. Roxy's fairy outfit consists of a light green, one-armed top that has two pale lavender straps holding it over her right shoulder.

She also has light green short shorts with a greenish-yellow belt over them. The belt has a pink heart on it, with several pink ruffles hanging off of it. On her right arm is a bright green fingerless glove that wins between her shoulder and elbow.

Her shoes are light green boots with white heels, and pink socks. Her hair does not change. Her wings are edged with green and dark purple on the inside. At the edges of the wings are swirled, light pink designs. In the concept art, her wings are covered with green paw prints. It is winvs if this is really Roxy's Believix or not, since she has not received her Charmix or Enchantix.

She winc unable to how to make winx club wings her three how to make office green and eco-friendly of wings and Lovix and Sophix. This can be compared to Bloom's Enchantix. She forced herself into this form and therefore she couldn't miniaturize. This pointing to the fact that Roxy couldn't use the different wings. In the comics however Bloom says to Stella that Roxy uses Believix Power wind heal a dinosaur, while in this form.

In her transformation sequences she is surrounded by the typical Believix butterflies and her wings is in a Believix manner. Another point is that when Roxy transforms with mxke other girls the Believix how to make plants grow well played in the background. She has the power over animals. She can feel nake they feel, possessing a form of empathy towards them, and can calm them down if they're scared, hurt, or angry.

She has the power to speak to them through telepathy and can even summon them in that sense. She can also grant them the ability to speak like humans. She's also been shown to lend magical strength to them, as she did to Artu in season 4's episode 7, allowing him to break free of the fairy hunter and enter their barrier to return to her side. Along with this, she seems to possess a form of "danger sense" as seen in episode eleven of the fourth season "Winx Club Forever!

Also, as of late, she has gotten the hang of a simple telekinesis spell and has also learned how to fire a beam of magical energy like the other girls can. As far as her Enchantix is concerned, nothing has been announced so far, though there is a small probability that, by freeing the Earth Fairies from their imprisonment by the Wizards or by saving Morgana from the magical mirror in which Nebula imprisoned her which would apparently have caused her to slowly fade till she stopped existing had Roxy not freed her she might have earned it.

However this might also be unlikely, at least the next season confirms it. This information must be taken with precaution. Roxy is from Planet Earth, and is the last terrestrial fairy. As the fairy of animals, she possesses the power to make animals act under her control, give them human speech, read their minds, give them strength, track them down, and also cast simple energy beams usually colored apple green.

Later on, she also creates an animal golem from stone and gives it life to aid her. At first, Roxy was skeptical of mzke powers wlnx the How to get husband to love me again, and refused how to make winx club wings become a fairy, but as the season progressed, she learned to accept her magical powers.

She does not use her powers as much as the other Winx girls in battle, if only because she is inexperienced. The White Circle also greatly enhances her powers. There was much confusion after Roxy had earned her fairy form, because it was undetermined if her fairy form was her Winx form or her Believix form because when transformed, she has wings that are how to apply for snap in california in size to the Winx Club's Believix wings.

For those who believed she had achieved Believix form thought that her Believix powers were incomplete due to the fact that she did not have access to the Speedix Wings, Zoomix Wings and Tracix Wings similar in a way that Bloom earned her way her Enchantix in season three and couldn't use her fairy dust to miniaturize.

Roxy's transformation lasts for 23 seconds. First, Roxy's left eye appears on the screen. Then, the camera zooms out while butterflies float around her. She flies out of the butterflies, her outfit already on, and executes several front flips in midair. Then, she flies upwards, out of view, while the butterflies condense into a line of pink and form the outline of her wings.

Finally, her wings materialize and she twirls once, striking her final pose. In the Italian dub, Roxy laughs throughout the transformation, but in the English Rai dub, her laughter is cut out. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Layla 1 Nabu 2 Specialists. How to burn files on dvd Conquest Wiki.

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Did you scroll all this way to get facts about winx club wings? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are winx club wings for sale on Etsy, and they cost $ on average. The most common winx club wings material is metal. The most popular color? You guessed it: pink. I draw all,and they look beautiful!Thx so much Bloom!I love the Winx Club Channel! on 18 August, - Miracuwinx writes. Thanks bloom you are truly miraculous! on 4 July, - Kookiecrunch writes. I know how to draw Tecna, Stella, and Musa. But I don't how to draw Bloom, Layla, and Flora because of their hair, though I draw too. Layla (Known as Aisha in the RAI Italian version) is a fictional character from the Winx Club animated series. 1 Personality 2 Seasons Season 2 Season 3 Secret of the Lost Kingdom Season 4 Magic Adventure 3 Appearance Civilian Winx Charmix Enchantix Believix Sophiex Lovix 4 Magical Abilities 5 Curiosities 6 Transformation Sequences Winx

Aisha is a main character in Winx Club. She first appears in the second season. She is 17 years old when she is first comes to Alfea and her birthday is on June 15th.

Aisha is extremely opinionated and open minded. She is as intuitive as Stella and when asked to, gives practical and pragmatic advice. She is also a talented dancer and speaks many languages.

She is strongly against romantic entanglements with boys, as seen in episode 18 of the third season. This was likely because of an arranged marriage from her parents, mentioned in episode 9. The Pixies trust her very much — Aisha is one of the few people who know of Pixie Village. Aisha gives practical advice and always provides a shoulder to cry on. She continuously shows this caring nature throughout the show, comforting Musa after her conflict with her father, and calming Flora 's nerves when she experiences qualms about her feelings for Helia.

She has tried to develop independence. She appears to be a feminist, sometimes conflicting with chauvinistic Riven , and can perform any task that the specialists can.

She even, at one point, takes control of the Wind Rider from Riven. Relationships In the second season, Aisha doesn't have a love interest. Aisha became friends with Flora when she helps her get Helia's attention. Aisha became best friends with Musa, after Musa tells her about her mother, but their friendship seems to fade a little in season three and four. She is also quite close to Bloom and Stella. Aisha and Tecna were not close at all in the second season but they become close friends in season three and Tecna volunteers to sacrifice herself for Aisha's home realm.

In the third season, Aisha gets a love interest: Nabu. He is seen in most of the episodes spying on Aisha but later on is captured. He and Aisha once get stuck in the Specialists' ship cell where they find out that they have a lot in common. Aisha still does not trust him, but changes her mind after he saves her from a monster. She has fallen in love with him at this point and the two kiss in the last episode.

In the fourth season, Aisha and Nabu have grown closer. He asks for her hand in marriage, and she happily accepts. Sadly, in episode 24 of this season, Nabu dies, causing Aisha to grow very angry and depressed. She joins Nebula to avenge him, but in the end, she goes back to the Winx.

In the 6th season she gets another possible love intrest called Nex. Both Nex and Roy fight for Aisha's affection in Season 6. In the end Aisha chooses Nex and Roy is no longer shown in the series. Piff is Aisha's bonded pixie. She is the youngest of the pixies and therefore cannot talk. She speaks in baby language which is translated by Digit or Chatta. She is almost always with Aisha whenever she's around and she is always sleeping.

Aisha was raised in a very traditional setting. Her parents believed that princesses should conduct themselves in a strict orthodox manner, and scrutinized her every movement and thought. As a result, Aisha had a very isolated childhood, excepting the times when she escaped from the palace. Because of this, Layla has not had many friends.

After her best friend Anne had moved away when Aisha was young, her only friends were the pixies of Pixie Village. When we first see Aisha in the first episodes of season two, it is apparent that she is determined and fearless.

We observe her trying to rescue the pixies that will later become bonded to the individual members of the Winx Club. Through her conversation, we get a glimpse of her powers and receive a few hints about the villain of the season, Lord Darkar.

After escaping with only one pixie, baby Piff, she stumbles to Alfea, where she is found by the members of the Winx Club, and faints. She shows a deep love and caring for the pixies, who are obviously her close friends. Her first interaction with girls her age comes when she arrives at Alfea. Having been so isolated for such a long time, she held back at the beginning and worried that she didn't know how to be a good friend.

As the months progressed though, she slowly opened up and became good friends with all of them. In most of season 2, the show seemed to revolve around Aisha instead of Bloom and the other girls, but at the end, it focused on Bloom again because Lord Darkar tried, and temporarily succeeded, to turn her evil.

In second season, Aisha becomes the sixth member of the Winx Club. In third season, Aisha gets worried about her planet that was being attaked by a man called Valtor that manage to escape from the Omega Dimention with the help of the Trix. She goes to her planet to try to stop the threat but she does not have enough power, so her friends came with her on the second time. On Andros, Aisha and the Winx meets Valtor and explains to them his purpose of being the most powerful wizard.

At the last moment Valtor has blinded Aisha who was ready to fight him and withdraws. After the fight, Aisha meets her cousin Tressa , who went to the surface looking for help to free her mother, the Queen Ligea, who was imprisoned by Valtor, the Winx go underwater to save the queen and succeed, but on the way over they get attacked by a kraken. The fairies along with Tressa manage to defeat him, but before they can reach the surface the kraken knock out the queen of mermaids, Aisha choose save Ligea instead of her sight and for her sacrifice she got her Enchantix.

Back at Alfea, Aisha regains her sight with her fairy dust. After a few episodes she came back from Andros with sad news that their her parents chooses a boy called Nabu, for her marriage but she doesn't want to so she didn't accept it, but when they go out shopping in Magix, Nabu under the name Ophir follows them to know the girl who he has to marry, but in there Tecna see him and Stella exposed him, Aisha got upset and left, but then Valtor want something and the Winx tries to stop him but fail because Ophir appeared at the wrong time, making Aisha to distrust him.

Aisha and the Winx goes to Gardenia in orden to find Roxy, who is the remaining fairy on Earth. Also, in this season, Nabu asked Aisha to marry him and she happily accepted.

Feeling distraught and frustrated over losing Nabu, Aisha accepted an offer to join Nebula and her "Fairies of Vengeance" in an attempt to destroy the Fairy Hunters once and for all. Later on, she rejoined the Winx Club. Aisha's signature color is green in civilian, Winx, and Enchantix, but her Believix is turquoise blue instead since Roxy's color is green, too.

The Shadow Phoenix Aisha appeared in the same way as in the original version. She was climbing rocks until she arrives at the place where the Pixies are locked, Aisha turns off the barrier and tries to take them with her, out of the dark fortress.

She survived the fall and came to Alfea where she fainted, was taken to the infirmary of the school where she recovered and asked the Winx helps to free the Pixies from Darkar. Then Aisha, Bloom and Stella went to the cave but they are almost defeated by the Trix with their Gloomix, at that moment a mysterious winged man appears and help the fairies, allowing them to finish their mission.

Back at Alfea, Aisha is enrolled at the school at the same year as the Winx. She also helped the Winx to find Bloom and and defeat The Shadow Phoenix using convergence, for the first time as Aisha, the fairy of the waves. At the end of the special, Aisha joins the Winx.

Aisha along with the other Winx and Specialist helps Bloom to save Domino. When the Winx and the Specialists found the Book of Fate in a secret library on Domino, Aisha makes a good compliment about how strong Ms.

Faragonda looked, when she sees her headmistress along with the Company of Light, in one of the pages. In the end, Aisha is seen dancing with Nabu. In the movie Aisha and the Winx minus Bloom face the Trix at Alfea were they are not able to defeat them. They soon discover Bloom is engaged to Sky on a reality TV show, while Aisha was doing exercises she talks with the other Winx about the subject, and the girls decide go to Domino.

They arrive to Domino to find a heartbroken Bloom, who is recently just dealing with a broken heart after Sky tells her they can't get married. After being at Domino the Winx teleport to Gardenia, once there the Winx faint suddenly. Not much later, the six girls wake up to find out their magic is gone so they are then forced with the task to stay in Gardenia until they find a way to make their powers come back.

The Winx then head to Havram to look for clues to get their powers back, which they do and then are forced to fight the Trix who they then defeat.

In seasons two and three, her casual outfit is a light purple tank top bordered with white and decorated with a blue spiral design, a medium green miniskirt, and hiking boots of the same color.

Over the boots are light pink legwarmers which makes the tips of the hiking boots peek out. In season four, her casual outfit consists of a light green tank top, over which she wears a one-shouldered light pink t-shirt decorated with pink stars, circles and other designs. She also wears dark green pants with a hot pink stretchy band at the bottom of the pants legs and with a hot pink belt. Aisha's Winx outfit is a light and dark green one-shouldered tank top and a light green miniskirt over dark green shorts.

The two are connected by a light green strap of fabric, held on by light blue rings. Her boots are light green with white heels and reach to mid-calf. On her right arm are two blue rings. Aisha's Charmix is a small raindrop-shaped and a pink waist bag in the shape of a water gourd. She earned her Charmix by conquering her fear of being alone. Aisha's Enchantix consists of a frilly, green strapless top decorated with pink, a matching skirt, and banana yellow above-the-elbow translucent gloves.

Her wings are outlined with her signature lime green, decorated with pink pearls, and filled with yellow and magenta. The forewings are as if doubled and the bases of the tailed hind wings are lower. Her hair grows a few inches, gains streaks and is braided around a cyan forehead tiara, before flowing into pigtails.

She also wears blue barefoot connected with flower-shaped buttons. Her top and skirt were originally colored blue and decorated with yellow and magenta, but since Bloom's Enchantix outfit was similar in color, the top and skirt had to be recolored. In The Secret of the Lost Kingdom , her gloves are recolored purple and her wings become spring green with magenta ovals towards the outer margins, but in the cartoon, the gloves and wings remain unaltered.

Aisha was the first to earn her Enchantix. She earned her new powers when she sacrificed her sight for Ligea, Queen of Andros' mermaids.

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