How to make upma with suji

how to make upma with suji

Sooji Upma

Oct 05,  · Either steam the vegetables separately and then add once the rava is mixed with the water. Or after sautéing onions, add the veggies (grated carrots, green peas, grated potatoes, finely chopped french beans, chopped capsicum) and sauté until lightly golden. Add water and follow the recipe. . Once it comes to a boil, lower heat and add in the Suji little at a time. Mix really well and make sure there are no dry lumps/spots of Suji. Cover and cook for minutes. Open the lid and mix and fluff up the Upma. Turn the flame off, cover and allow it to rest for another 5 minutes.

This sooji upma recipe can be given to babies from 7 months. Hoe tastes bland if ghee is not added, so make sure to add mentioned amount of ghee. Check more sooji recipes for babies and kids here.

Wonderful experience. I am not a good cook and i have not sufficient. Witn helped me a lot with so minute details. Now i prepare some good recipes for my 13 month baby. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks for visiting my space and taking time to read about me.

I am Kalyani and I live in chennai. I was working in IT industry as a software engineer for 7 years. I how to sit at a computer properly to quit my job after my little one arrived and during this time I found my passion!

Yes it's cooking and clicking and so this blog! Read More…. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Sooji upma - quick and filling sooji upma for babies. Course Baby Food. Cuisine Indian. Prep Time 5 minutes. Cook Time 10 minutes. Total Time 15 minutes. Author Kalyani. Instructions Dry Roast the rava in a pan for 5 minutes until nice aroma comes this step is upam if you use roasted rava. Heat ghee in a saucepan, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Let it crackle. Now add hot water to it.

Let it come to a rolling boil. Now Add sooji little by little to the hot water. Stir in continuously well with a spoon or whisk. Make sure there are no how to make upma with suji remained.

Add turmeric powder, hing, and salt at this stage. Then close this with a lid and cook it further for suui in low, medium flame. Switch off the flame once done. Serving: 1 g. Tried this recipe? Mention gkfooddiary or tag gkfooddiary! Dry Roast the rava in a pan for 5 minutes until nice aroma comes this step is optional if you use roasted rava.

Now Add sooji little by little to the boiling water. The sooji upma is ready to feed your baby! Food Advertisements by. Comments Wonderful experience. Thanks for your lovely feedback. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer How to get a healthy weight

Some quick tips:

Mar 17,  · Step 1 – First of all, cut all the vegetables and sieve the semolina. Step 2 – Now put a pan on the gas and heat it. Now put oil in the pan. When the oil gets hot, add mustard seed, when the mustard seed starts to crack, then add the peanuts and roast them.

Do away with the boring breakfast of toast and cereals and jazz up with some spice and flavour. In a heavy bottomed pan on medium heat, pour in 1 tsp of Oil. Add in the Suji and roast till it starts to get a little golden color and emits a wonderful aroma.

It is very important to keep stirring and Suji tends to burn. Once done, transfer the Suji to another bowl to stop the cooking process. On medium heat, in a non-stick pan, pour in the 1 tbsp of Oil.

Allow it to heat up and then add in the Mustard Seeds. Cook for 30 seconds and add in Urad Dal and the Broken Cashews and allow them to turn light golden in color. Saute until the Onions till they are cooked but not browned look in tips. Also, add in salt at this time. Meanwhile, mix the Yogurt with the Water.

Pour into the pan. Keep mixing. Add in Ginger and allow the liquid to come to a boil. Once it comes to a boil, lower heat and add in the Suji little at a time. Cover and cook for minutes. Open the lid and mix and fluff up the Upma. Turn the flame off, cover and allow it to rest for another 5 minutes. Open and serve with Cilantro as garnish lime juice optional. Serves 4. When you need to cook the Onions and not brown them, best thing to do is to sprinkle a little water.

This adds moisture to the onons and cooks them without browning them. Hi, I have put excess salt in my upma. Please help. Thanks for sharing this lovely dish, one of my favourate. This is the 1st time im gonna make it. Waiting for your reply.

You will have to compensate for the yogurt as well — so 1. Thank you once again. I lov all ur recipes.. But I tried dis 1 and it dint come out good. Though my yoghurt was fresh.. I think adding milk wud had been a better idea.. Sorry to hear that. Usually, the yogurt adds only a hint of flavor to the upma so not sure what happened. Mine did and I wonder if this is expected or I did something incorrectly? I will make it for my Punjabi husband.

So inexpensive and a wonderful breakfast. I will look up the nutritional value, since I have heard Suji is not good for body sugar issues, as it absorbs fast into the blood stream. Either way, not everything that tastes good is good for you. I had all the ingredients except for the nuts and the curry leaves, but even without them, it was delish!

I can imagine that the peanuts especially would add to the flavor, but anyway! I did this recipe yesterday and it tasted delicious! Thx for the sharing. We love to see non-Indians try their hand at Indian cuisine. Glad you enjoyed the upma. Let us know if you have any questions if you try any more of our recipes. I used sour cream in place of yogurt. Is that ok? It tasted a bit khatta though,duh!

OMG, where is your print button??? You guys are great, your recipes are great, but finding things on your site is extremely frustrating!!!! Hey ladies I was a hard core upma-hater for the last 20 yrs.. It came out delicious and my husband too loved it!

I love upma now after trying out ur recipe.. Fantastic recipe…. I used to make upma with just water and yoghurt gives it a nice flavor…. I think you ladies are doing a great job. I just wanted to mention that the suji can be baked in a toaster oven for about 15 minutes at F. It reduces the cooking time by few minutes. I have read some recipes where the sooji is not roasted beforehand, but just added into the liquid.

What effect do you think this would have on the outcome? We think that the Upma will be a little on the mushy and paste like side…a little different texture but still good. A suggestion we have is that you pre-roast all your suji at one time. This will serve 2 porposes- cut down on your cooking time and it will reduce the chances of the Suji attracting bugs.

What a good idea! Thanks for that. As mentioned, I have only had cous cous to hand when I have made it recently. No comment. At Indian grocery stores, sooji comes in 2 varieties — coarse and fine. When compared to cous cous, even the coarse one will seem like powder. For upma, the coarse one works best and will give you a good texture. The fine one will turn too pasty. I was mostly taking pride in the fact that my Upma had nice texture and it was not paste like.

But now I know looking at you response, that it was not ma style of cooking, it was your tip about roasting sooji that did the trick… lol. And I just answered my own question — kind of — I was really curious so I just went ahead and used couscous. Came out great. I had no dal, peanuts, veg or yogurt, so I just used cashews, dried currants, and I used creme fraiche instead of yogurt.

I also added cardamon and fenugreek. An expert might spot the difference in grain size but the taste is pretty close to what I remember. I just made it today for breakfast and it was like I remembered it from India. Do you think it would work? Hi Rachel, Another oops on our part, thanks for bring it to our notice.

The Curry Leaves go into the Oil along with the green chillies and the Onions step 10 I have fixed the recipe directions but unfortunately, it will take a while for us to fix the video. Take care. I followed this recipe and it came out amazing. One question- I see Curry Leaves in the ingredients, but I do not see them in the directions.

At what point should I put the Curry Leaves in? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I used same measurement. Hi Shazna, You will have to compensate for the yogurt as well — so 1.

Hi Ashu, Sorry to hear that. Thx girl.. Hi Fairy, Wow! Hi Sandhya, Awesome! I love this food and i recommend upma with bananas they taste great give it a try. Hi, I think you ladies are doing a great job.

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