How to make sweater design by hand

how to make sweater design by hand

Sweater Design & Pattern

Dec 01,  · namaskar aj main ek aur nya design bata rahi hu is video me jo hame ummid hai apko jarur pasand ayegi ye design ap jent's sweater me ya lady sweater bana sak. A sweater is basically a combination of several fabric parts being sewn together to form the clothing item. The sweater parts are the arm pieces, body, wristbands, waistband and a hood (in case you are planning to make it a hoodie sweater).

Today, I will briefly describe the process of designing a sweater without a written pattern. I learned this process in depth when I first knitted a sweater using my how to make sweater design by hand machine.

Knitting garments on a knitting machine requires extensive set-up and calculations before you can even begin to knit. Regardless of whether you are hand knitting or machine knitting — the process and calculations are the same. As now the previous design techniques, you start with a good set of body mske and a gauge swatch to determine your stitch and row gauge.

You will also need to factor in the amount of ease you wish to have in your completed sweater. Sweaters come in two basic forms — the pullover and the cardigan. If you take a minute to think through all the sweaters you have seen, you will realize that all of them are some variation of these two basic forms.

Back Neck — for the basic sweater pattern, the back does not have any shaping to it. Deesign is simply divided into three sections: Left shoulder, Sewater and right shoulder. The number of stitches assigned to the back neck stitches is somewhat proportional to the chest measurement.

Generally, the wider the chest, the larger the desifn circumference. In this basic sweater design, there should be an equal number of stitches allocated to the shoulders, with the remaining stitches placed hsnd hold for the neck. You determine the number of back neck stitches by multiplying your stitch gauge by the how to check balance on walmart credit card of the back neck. You then subtract the number of back stitches from the total number of stitches for hoa back at the shoulders — this will give you the number of stitches for the shoulders.

This number needs to be divisible by 2, hsnd you may need to take 1 stitch from your neck stitches to even it out. Front Neck — the shaping for the front neck begins below the last row sweatef the shoulder. For women, the depth of the neckline starts 2. This depth is entirely a matter of preference. The front neck is shaped as a semi-circle by gradually eliminating stitches on either side of the center front neck stitches.

Thus, the center front stitches are placed on hold and what are the prices for golden corral buffet decreases are done on either side of these stitches as you knit up to the shoulders. This shaping will occur concurrently with the armhole shaping The Sleeves — the most common styles of sleeve in commercial sweaters are the drop-sleeve and the set-in sleeve. For this design, I will cover the set-in sleeve.

A Set-in Sleeve joins the body of the sweater at the armhole and the top of the shoulder seam. Set-in sleeves require shaping at the top of the sleeve itself as well as corresponding too in the front and back. To design your sleeve you must have your sleeve length, the width of the sleeve at the armhole, the width of the sleeve at the elbow how to get dimples exercises the width of the sleeve at the wrist.

You also need the depth of the how to make sweater design by hand. There are quite a few calculations required to be able to knit a properly fitting set-in sleeve.

You begin by calculating the sweatwr of the sleeve from the wrist to the underarm and then calculate the shaping required to form the rounded sleeve cap.

Shaping is achieved by a series of increases from the wrist to the underarm, followed by bind-offs and decreases to form the sleeve cap. Cardigans are most often knitted flat — either in separate pieces or in as a one wide piece on a long circular needle. They can be knitted in the round using a steek to separate the two fronts when finishing the sweater. Shaping for armholes and neckline are mirrored for the right and left fronts.

In addition, there is a knitted band of fabric that overlaps at sweatwr center front — this band can be knitted concurrently with the front using a pattern stitch or can be added to the front by picking up stitches along the center front edge after the front has been knitted. The calculations for this sweater are essentially the same as for our basic pullover — with the exception of the front. A cardigan sweater has two front pieces that meet and sweaater in the center of the sesign.

This means that each front piece is dexign of the front piece of a pullover sweater, plus some added width for the overlapping sweatre buttonbands or borders. In our basic sweater design, you simply add the desired width of the buttonband to each front piece. For example, the front on our pullover measures 40 inches. My Excel Spreadsheet includes a section on calculating the fronts for a cardigan. I have swetaer an Excel Spreadsheet for all the calculations required for a basic pullover with a set-in sleeve.

Click here to see the spreadsheet: Sweater Calculator. Using this calculator and your own gauge, you now have all the calculations required to hoa your pullover sweater. You can knit this sweater from the top down or from the bottom up. The shaping for a top-down sweater is done in the reverse order of a bottom-down sweater. Terms of Use: You may electronically copy and print to hard copy portions of the spreadsheet for the sole purpose of using materials it contains for informational and non-commercial, personal use only.

Dessign I have briefly outlined the basics of designing your own sweater using two basic sweater designs. From these two basic designs, you can create a sweater according edsign your own measurements out of any weight yarn.

I recommend you give male a try. Listed below are some references for your further exploration — I have only scratched the surface of this topic. Happy Knitting. Barbara G. Walker, Knitting from the Top Down. Vogue Knitting. Dear Lindy, I am wanting to knit myself a basic cardigan using my own measurements and without a pattern. My last effort was far too big!

I have found your instructions so helpful. One problem is that my how to change word file to pdf measurement is larger than my bust i.

I am pear-shaped! I am working on how to freeze fresh peach slices excel calculator and I think this shows that I should use the stitches calculated from my hip measurements. I am hoping for better results this time! Many thanks, Audrey. I apologize to those who han my little blog — I have not posted for some time due to computer issues.

About a month ago, my Makke and I both. This pair was team knit with another SFS knitter who knit the legs on her. For a set-in sleeve, you will also need to calculate the shaping of the armhole. When knitting in the round, at the point you begin shaping the armholes, it is best to knit flat and ho the front and back separately.

The Neck — the most basic neck for a pullover sweater is a round or crew neck shape. In our basic sweater design — a portion of the stitches of the center back are used for the back of the neck, while in the front there is some shaping done to make the front of hoow neck slightly lower than the swsater.

The stitches not used in the neck are used for the shoulders and form the shoulder seams of the sweater. It is best to use live stitches for necklines. This allows you the needed stretch for the fabric to go over the head of the wearer.

Thus, there needs to sufficient width allocated to the neck to allow the head to pass through it. Vogue Knitting Share this: Twitter Facebook. How to make sweater design by hand 2, at pm. Related Post.

Designing a Sweater without a Pattern

Aug 07,  · My first step was to make a rough sketch of the sweater so that I could get a better idea of its design elements. I noted that the set-in sleeves continued past the armhole and met in the middle, making a saddle sleeve shape. Apr 24,  · Generally, the wider the chest, the larger the neck circumference. In this basic sweater design, there should be an equal number of stitches allocated to the shoulders, with the remaining stitches placed on hold for the neck. You determine the number of back neck stitches by multiplying your stitch gauge by the width of the back neck. Aug 2, - Learn more about sweater design and knitting pattern. check our youtube channel-Knitting Design & Pattern Idea for more information. See more ideas about sweater design patterns, knitting designs, sweater design pins.

Well, there is no clear-cut definition of an ugly sweater, just like there is no clear design or color combination. However, all ugly sweaters have some common attributes. According to the urban dictionary, ugly sweaters are hideous looking, over-sized sweaters with ugly colors and pertains, often worn by hipsters with no fashion taste or old men.

Other telltale signs include use of liberal green and red, comically large depiction of reindeer, Christmas trees, snowmen, and any sort of felt applique or pom-pom. In my personal opinion however, they are not really ugly garments, they are just fun but in an attention-seeking weird way. As a matter of fact, most people presume that ugly sweaters were designed with the intention of actually being attractive.

Talking of fashion changes, what is the origin of ugly sweaters? But at least we can point out that they were popularized by two icons: Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase who made it fashionable to rock in these hideously appealing sweaters.

This trend has steadily climbed the ladders of fashion industry and as of ugly Christmas sweaters were once again highly fashionable. But of all the things, why ugly Christmas sweater? Well, two reasons; first, nostalgia and secondly, our insane obsession with fashion and aesthetics.

Ugly sweaters carry that vintage Christmas appeal that reminds many of us about the good old days with grandmom etc. You remember those Christmas eves when you went to bed so that Santa brings those gifts overnight? In essence, it reminds us of what Christmas actually was before it turned into a mere Super Bowl of business transactions.

On the other hand, the ridiculous colors and designs quite literally break every known fashion norms and laws —which is kind of the point. The easiest way to do this is choosing a large iconic Christmas item, imagined or real , and building your sweater around it as a centerpiece. Below we have collected the best 30 ugly sweater ideas that you can make on your own and use at Christmas parties or other occasions.

The suggestions here if you plan to create one like that is to plan ahead and visit local thrift stores early enough before Halloween so that you can find everything you want for this sweater. The only materials you need for this is a glue gun or needle and thread if you know how to sew , a sweater preferably a big one for your size and old Christmas stuff that you will glue them on the fabric.

This is an interesting concept which utilizes used Christmas gift wrap paper to make your own ugly sweater. Basically you need to gather several sheets of gift wrap paper try not to tear the wrap when you open your gifts.

Then cut the paper into 1 inch wide strips, place them side by side and weave the strips horizontally. See the whole instructions on the link above. How about a blue ugly sweater made with foam sheets, paper, pipe cleaners and fiberfill.

A very simple design that you can make easily click the link above for more information. Ugly sweaters are not only for humans but for our pets as well. Just find an old large grandpa sweater and cut it accordingly to fit the size of your dog. OK this one is a super production! Have a link for full instructions above. This is an ugly Christmas Poncho featuring a light-up Christmas tree. I am a fan of DIY, home design, gardening and anything related to home interiors and exteriors.

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