How to make hair bow ties

how to make hair bow ties

How To Make Fabric Hair Tie Bows + FREE Pattern (4 Sizes)

Apr 09,  · Tutorial: how to make hair tie bows from fabric 1) Cut your fabric. Use the template to cut 2 pieces of fabric (download here). Big fabric scissors will struggle here. 2) Sew the 2 layers together, leaving a gap. Place the 2 pieces on top of each other. The ‘right’ sides should be facing 3). Mar 26,  · Using the opening you left in the stitching turn your bow right sides out. Press. *Note: At this point, you can also hand stitch the opening closed however, I don’t do that. If you left the opening in the middle of the bow the opening will be covered when you tie the carolacosplay.usted Reading Time: 2 mins.

You can download the printable template I used from my resource library. I made the bow in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Use the template to cut 2 pieces of fabric download here. Big fabric scissors will struggle here. I recommend using a rotary cutter and mat, or tiny scissors. The arrow on the template tells you what direction to place it on your fabric. The arrow should be going in the same direction as the selvage edges the 2 edges that never fray.

Place the 2 pieces on top of each other. This is easy with sizes M-XL, but size small will take a bit longer. A blunt pencil will help you push it out. Press the fold straight with your fingers. This post was originally published on 1 February It has since been updated. Form not working? The exact sewing machine settings for cotton : tension, length, and needles.

Close Menu Face Mask. Free Patterns. Sewing Machines. Sewing Help. Give your hair tie aka. This is a great scrap fabric project idea. And it makes very cute diy gifts! Hair tie bows make cute gifts. Materials needed for diy hair tie bows Project-specific supplies: Light to medium weight cotton fabric. Hair ties also known as ponytail holders. The printable bow template download here. Basic sewing tools needed: A rotary cutter and mat I use Fiskars ones.

Or small scissors. Big fabric scissors will probably struggle to cut around this tiny bow. Matching thread. The right sewing machine how to make hair bow ties. An iron. A measuring tape or normal straight ruler. A basic sewing machine. Free hair tie bow pattern 4 what does write protected mean You can download the printable template I used from my resource library.

Seam allowance: the area how to make hair bow ties the stitching line and the fabric edge. Right side: the side of the fabric that you want to see on the outside. Backstitch: when you sew backwards by about 3 stitches, before sewing your line of stitching. This reinforces the stitching and stops it from unraveling. Prepare your fabric Pre-wash and dry your fabric before starting.

This will stop your hair bows from shrinking in the wash if you what are the three principal states of matter to wash them.

Pin them together. Sew the 2 pieces together. Trim the excess threads. Suggested sewing machine settings: Straight stitch Stitch length: 2. This is for light to medium weight fabrics. Push out all the curves and corners. A blunt pencil might help you push the corners out. Sew close to the edge. Cross the bow and tie a knot. If your hair tie is overlapping the bow, pull the hair tie down and behind the bow. Woohoo, your cute hair tie bow is done! Tags diy clothesfree sewing patternshair accessory.

Free hair tie bow pattern (4 sizes)

Ever heard about the Jojo bows? As one who wears it all the time and convinces others to wear them as well and makes a fortune out of them, she would know. You can make these cute little as well as big hair bows so easily at home. Hair bows are the perfect accessory to that perfect outfit — be it on a barrette enhancing the beautiful frock worn by a little girl or on the top of a clip you yourself can wear. Materials you will need to make this fabric bow.

Step 1. Press in place. Now bring this edges to the middle and press. Stitch the short sides closed. Clip and trim the seam allowance. Turn the piece right side out through the gap along the folded edges. Clip the corners. Make sure that the corners are all pushed out — use your seam ripper to push the corners pointed from the inside. Press carefully. Using a slip stitch close the opening shut — this is optional.

For small bows, when the bow is tied this gap will be invisible from the front. Step 2. Use a thread to tie a knot in the center. Step 3. You can attach the middle tying ribbon now or later. If you are attaching it to clips you can tie the center ribbon later along with the metal bar of the clip. If attaching the bow to a barrette or pin attach the ribbon now. It is your convenience. Glue the bow to the front of the hair clip. Wait till the glue is dry.

Step 4 If using clips and you want a firmer bond than the one you get with the glue, insert the ribbon to the center of the bow and loop through the arched string of the clip. Stitch the ribbon edges together, Using the hand needle and thread. Give two or three anchoring stitches to stitch the bow to the band at the back. The seam will be in the back now ofcourse. Your bow hair clip is ready. An alternative way is to just bring the short edges to the middle and then stitch.

This is a bigger bow good for attaching on hair clips. The photographs below are from the post on making super simple hair accessories from old things at home. Keep the 7 inch by 3 inch fabric piece rightside up in front of you. Bring the short edges together and sew along the top edge — the red lines are the sewing lines.

This is what you get. Bring the thing rightside out through the opening. Using simple thread gather and tie in the middle. Use a thin ribbon to tie over the thread and pretty it up. If you are using ribbon to make the bows the advantage is that the side edges are already finished. Some folds and nips and knots and glueing are all that are needed to make bows of many kinds. Tie around the middle with thread first and then tie over it with the small piece of ribbon.

There is your simple ribbon bow. This bow is similar to the earlier ribbon bow but with more layers. You will be making two such ribbon bows and laying it on another ribbon cut in a shape as in the picture below. Tie them all together. As mentioned in the first bow, the french clips have a small spring under which you can wrap the tying ribbon — this will firmly attach the bow to the clip.

You should also use glue before this. To make this cute bow Cut many ribbon pieces about 8- 10 inches long. You can take any width ribbon. If the width is less you will need more number of ribbon pieces for it to look puffy. Fold it by half and cut out the sides as in the picture below — this is to avoid the bulk at that end , when everything is gathered. Bring the ends to the middle and glue in place. Now fold the pieces and gather all the pieces together and stitch together.

This is also known as a Boutique bow — it has the look of a tied sash bow. Check out the post on tying a sash bow properly if you would rather have the original. This faux bow look just like the original at half the effort. To make this bow, take a long length of ribbon — about 20 inches for a medium bow like mine.

Cut the edges to the inside or to the side in an angle. With a cigarette lighter or candle harden the edges to prevent fraying. Fold this ribbon by 3 so that the ends are at the bottom and on top. Now pinch it by the middle and Tie in place with a thread. Take another piece of smaller ribbon and tie a knot in the middle. Manipulate the ends to the bottom so that they hang down as if you have manually tied the ribbon.

Wrap the knotted ribbon over the thread in the middle — this will give the look of a naturally tied ribbon bow. Cut out extra and Stitch in place at the back. You can take some 35 inches for a 1. Any ribbon you have can be turned to such curls with a simple trick — microwave it wrapped on a pencil.

Take a useless pencil because when you microwave it the paint on the surface will peel and wrap ribbon on it — a inch long ribbon will give you some inch long curls. On the pencil, You will have to secure the end of the ribbon with stitching at the end. You will have to do several trips to get many such. Just gather these by the middle and tie for a really curled bow. To make this baby bow cut out 10 inches long ribbon.

Mark the ribbon as in the picture below — this is for making running stitches for gathering. Make long running stitches along this line with hand sewing thread and needle. At the end of it, pull the thread and your ribbon will gather like this. Cut the short ends at an angle. Attach cute buttons or bead or anything you want to make this baby bow more attractive.

To make the gathered bow take a long piece of ribbon I tool 15 inch and attach lace to both the long ends. Gather this ribbon with long basting stitches and then secure stitch in place so that the gathers are not lost.

This is a cute rounded bow made with fabric. To make this bow Cut out a 10 inch or bigger circle of fabric. Make a yoyo with it as shown in the picture below. Gather it by the middle with a ribbon piece. There you have it — a nicely rounded bow for your hair accessory. Related post : How to fabric yoyos.

To make this you need a fabric flower and some ribbon pieces to make the loops around and thinner ribbons for hanging. Bring the ends of the ribbons to the center and glue them there. Stack these ribbon loops in a flower shape. Glue every layer at the middle. When you have a flower shape, glue the fabric flower in the middle and stitch the thin hanging ribbons in the back. Related posts :.

Decorate your plain hair clips and tic tac clips. Make more ribbon bows — 7 easy tutorials. Your email address will not be published. What do you need to make those pretty hair bows? Ribbons or fabric to make the bows. Ribbons are the favorite to make hair bows, though you can make bows with fabric as well, as you will see in this tutorial. Grosgrain ribbons are the favorite for these bows as they are thicker, durable and sturdier than ordinary ribbons and look quite good too.

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