How to make a fleece horse rug

how to make a fleece horse rug

How to Make a Felted Fleece Rug

May 06,  · Once the water has boiled, bring the pot to where the fleece is. Using a cup, bowl, or ladle, scoop the hot water over a square foot ( sq. m) area of the fleece. Aug 04,  · Nicola felted a rug from a Jacobs last year, and I love the way the background felt (in contrasting colour) extended past the fleece and framed it. I decided to do this with red Icelandic wool batts from Alafoss - grams worth!

No sheep were harmed in the making how to make cotton candy italian ice this rug! Felted fleece rugs use sheep wool, from shearing not rugg sheepskinthat is felted using a technique involving hot water, soap, and rolling.

Felted rugs are also called vegetarian sheepskins or no-skin sheep fleece rugs. Some rugs felt easier than others, flece shed more than others, and you may find more hay or seeds in a particular finished rug than in others.

In this felted fleece rug tutorial, I am using white Icelandic lamb fleece, shorn in hod Fall, at around 5 months growth. Note: I do prefer Fall Icelandic fleeces over Spring fleeces because they are cleaner less hay and things. Feel free to use a fleece from different breed of sheep, in a different color, or even a Spring fleece. It is popular to felt fleece rugs in the shape of a sheepskin rug since that is how they come off sheep you know… in that special sheep shape that we all love.

So how to make a fleece horse rug free to try that, instead of a borse, too! There are a ton of pictures in this tutorial. If you need a bigger view of any picture, just click flesce it! Be sure to check out the handy video I made for you about the mesh frame that I use. Not only do I use the same frame to make FOUR different sizes of felted fleece rugs, it also doubles as my skirting table for picking through raw fleeces.

Such a great tool! Check out the video HERE. Put the mesh frame, screen-side down, on top of how to make a fleece horse rug saw horses. Using ti mesh frame is optional. You can just layer your batting and fleece over the spa cover on the ground or on a flfece, if you wish. I prefer using the frame because it gives the rug nice straight edges and also drains excess water ot. The thin layer of batting should be fairly see-through, flat, fleecs even.

How to make a fleece horse rug sure you get the batting into the corners if makf are using a mesh frame.

The puffy-fluffy layer of batting should be thick, and well… puffy and fluffy. I achieve this by quickly and repeatedly ripping off fairly small amounts of fiber from the batting and throwing it over the first, flat layer of batting. For the last layer, place locks of the raw fleece, cut-side down, so that the cut ends are in contact with your puffy-fluffy layer of batting. The locks will be facing up. Pick out any burrs, seeds or grass as you progress with your layout.

Laying the raw fleece layer takes ,ake most time. Be patient, take breaks when you need to, and drink lots of water. All that grit will get washed out by the end of the process. What you DO want to avoid is a fleece with a ton of small vegetable matter hay t it is difficult to remove, and will felt into the rug… forever!

Please, be mindful of splashes and be careful not to burn yourself. Place horae Sheer Polyester Curtain over the layers of fleece you just completed. This will help the locks stay in place. Drizzle maybe slightly more than a drizzle the hot water out of the kettle, onto the curtain covering the fleece. And just splash a little water at a time.

Now that your fiber is wet, and the temperature of the hot water is bearable, press gently with your hands, straight down onto the fleece. You want the fiber to start compressing down and getting flat.

All of the fiber should be wet, but not soaking. You may need to add more hot water, and keep pressing until all the loft is out horxe your fleece. Once the fiber is completely flattened out, agitate the fiber slightly by moving your hands up and down, only about a centimeter and only a few times. Maek, lift your hands, place them in a new spot, and repeat. Be careful to not displace the fiber. Remove the Sheer Polyester Curtain and place the second layer of spa coverbubble-side down toward the fleece over your fiber layers to make a spa-cover-sheep-fleece sandwich.

Next, hores your pool noodle or dowel I use a pool noodle with a one-inch dowel inside, but one or the other works just fine and place it at rleece end of the sandwich. Tightly roll the layers around the noodle and secure the package in three places with strings or nylons with a bow so that you can untie it easily. Roll the package on a flat, hard surface ,ake 60 full rolls, gradually pressing harder as you go.

Repeat this entire process three more times! Once how to make a fleece horse rug each side of the sandwich top, bottom, left, right. To warm up your fleece if it becomes too cool, pour very hot water on top of the top layer of spa cover and let it stand for ro few minutes.

You should now have a delicate felted fleece rug. Very carefully, lay the fiber ditch the spa coverslock-side down, on the mesh frame. Drizzle with very hot water and squeeze some Dawn dish soap in thin stripes onto the felted side the side that should already be facing up of the rug. The goal is to tightly felt the back side of the rug. If your felt project is starting to pill, add more soap.

Add hot water as needed. If you are using the mesh frame, the excess water will drain through. Test your felted back by pinching a small fleecce of fiber and pull up. Mxke it easily separates from hogse rug, you have more work to do. Spray the felted back first, and then the lock-side from underneath, until most of the soap is washed out.

Flip the rug over, lock-side up, how to mot your car pick open any of the locks that have tried to felt.

Fill how to determine blood group of child from parents tub How to join the challenge mtv use my bathtub with a suitable amount of hot water to submerge your felted fleece rug. Add Unicorn Fibre Wash per the instructions on the bottle.

Add the rug to the tub, and soak for 15 minutes. You may need to repeat this wash and rinse process once or twice more, until the rinse water is clear.

Lay your fantastically felted fleece rug somewhere to dry, like over a saw horse in the sun. Pick the locks open as desired. Dying to know about this mesh frame I keep talking about? Get the video that explains what it is, how I made it, and how to use it!

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Jul 08,  · How to Make a Felted Fleece Rug Step 1: Who Doesn’t Love Layers? Put the mesh frame, screen-side down, on top of the saw horses. Adjust the spacer so Step 2: Just Add Water Very Hot Water! You’ll need a kettle-full of very hot water . Learn how to make a fleece rug with these step-by-step instructions. You don’t have to kill an animal for this attractive faux sheepskin rug. Article by MOTHER EARTH NEWS. Faux Sheepskin Rug Spinning Wool Diy Carpet Wet Felting Needle Felting Sheep Wool Sheep Rug Felt Diy Rug Making. Jan 06,  · Masta Embroidered Flower Flce Cooler and Fleece Horse Coolers | EQUESTRIAN $ Centaur SUPERline Fleece Sheet and Fleece Horse Coolers | EQUESTRIAN I personally like the regular size coolers. They stay on better and let the horse's neck cool/dry faster, which helps the horse cool faster without getting chilled.

Nicola felted a rug from a Jacobs last year, and I love the way the background felt in contrasting colour extended past the fleece and framed it. I decided to do this with red Icelandic wool batts from Alafoss - grams worth! Next I layed some purple cotton nuno gauze from Wingham on-top and covered the edges with the last of my batts. I watered it with very hot water with lots of washing up liquid in, using a watering can with a sprinkler rose on it. It took about 3 gallons to wet it, so good job I was working in the garden!

Once rolled it was like a roll of carpet, it was so fat! Unfortunately it was at this point that I deviated from the good advice I didnt really have a suitable table to roll it on.

The best I could manage was our old picnic bench, which was ok I couldnt stand close enough to roll easily, so one knee went on the bench and basically I spent 4 hours of rolling - every roll was like an aerobic lunge - hence the stiff muscles! Half way through the rolling I rubbed the fabric side, with my hands in plastic bags, with extra soap just to make sure the fibres had penetrated through the fabric properly.

Id planned to getpast the messy stage and get the kids involved as a family project After every rolls I unwrapped it, straightened it out, sprinkled more hot soapy water and rolled in a different direction. Once everything was holiding together well I worked it with the fleece side up for a couple hundred rolls. Then I did something I rarely do I surrendered it to the washing machine.

After every cycle I took it out and checked it carefully. Just finished picking it over I used white throwsters waste silk fibre around the edge of the fleece placed before the batts went down and in some of the gaps, you can see it here around the outside.

What else has been going on this week? Well the kids attended their golf summer school They dont go again for another 2 weeks now so it should be better by then. We are going camping on Saturday I really should start thinking about what to take. I probably wont blog again before we go, so until then be well folks and have a good couple of weeks :o. Deborah, i love it, wow such hard work, i felt s'cuse the pun quite exhausted just reading about the process.

But wow, so worth it, its gorgeous. Have a fab camping trip, we are desperate to get away in our tent!!! This is wonderful!!!! I think I would be sleeping on the thing if I put that much energy into it! DeborahHow fantastic!! I love the red that you used with it What a lot of work, though!!

You deserve a vacation and some rest! This is amazing! You should be very proud of your new rug! I have felted with raw wool once when I was at college! I would do it again if I had the room and time for it! I bet the rug weighed a ton when it was all wrapped up! What a good workout! Thanks folks :o I love it, to me its worth the aches - which are all better now thank goodness.

Im pretty much ready to go now, just got to throw some clothes in a bag :o Our house guests arrive later So planning a nice dinner tonight. I am in awe of such a large project and how well it's come out with such a fantastic texture. Looks like so much hard work though, my friend said she used to roll felt with her feet!

Wonderful Deborah, I felted a full fleece but took the easy way and got 4 grandchildren with their wellington boots on stamping in wet suds for the day, its been hanging on the inside of my shed door for several years now.

Nice to find your blog. The red is a gorgeous contrast with the chocolate and white, you will treasure this for ever, makes me want to go and start another one myself immediately!

It was too big to roll with my feet unfortunately I didnt measure the width of the roll but its got to of been about 18"" when I started, and it was about 5ft long. Toward the end when it was tighter I did use my feet a little. I felted rugs with my children a few years ago using our feet. We put the music on and boogied on it like a dancefloor, then wrapped it in a blind and rolled it with our feet.

Hello there, finally caught up with your blog, rug looks great, now you are making me feel bad for only doing a pair of Oussant fleece, they are tiny by comparison. I have literally been scouring the internet for weeks looking for information to make exactly what you have made right here. As far as I can tell, there is no other info anywhere about felting an entire raw fleece.

I will make my way to the fiber group you mentioned, but may I ask a question here? The one part that puzzles me is how you were able to leave some "shag" on the wool. It appears that you have some areas where the wool is at least an inch thick.

I think I understand how one makes a fringe of looser fibers around the edge by leaving the fringe hanging out of the plastic roll , but I don't understand how you could end up with fluffy, plush parts in the middle of the rug. This "sheepskin" effect is exactly what I would like to make. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Hi Deborah, the rug is gorgeous! I have the same question as Colin - is there any tutorial you know of about raw fleece rugs? While you are felting it are you constantly pulling the locks which you don't want to felt together?

You mentioned that you got some help to make this rug on Flickr; I joined the group you wrote about, but the discussion is blocked there, no info there. I would really appreciate some hints here.

Thank you Marianna. If you send me a private message through Flickr, either of my shops - all are named FeltersJourney, or I think through my profile you can contact me.

I shall send you the info I sent to Colin. Im planning to make another on of these maybe not as big as the red one over the summer, think I may put up a tutorial.. Thank you Deborah!

I sent you a mail to your Flicker mailbox. Hope you got it! I think the tutorial is a great idea. I'm sure there are more people looking for information on raw fleece felting. Thanks again!!! Hi Marianna, your message through flickr has not arrived..

Did you follow the link on my blog? I shall do a page on raw fleece rugs.. Hello You have a wonderful blog with great tutorials.

I do have a question about the tips down part How do you get them to stay that way?? I have lincoln fleece and they just lay flat, they don't 'stand up' in any way, I cant get them to do so Thanks : Dana. Thanks Dana : I haven't used Lincoln fleece for this to be honest.. I'm wondering if it is to do with the staple length?

I have used Shetland and Jacobs fleeces. I find that using a whole skirted fleece straight off the sheep it tends to hold together, so when I lay it tips down it stays in place.. I have used bits off different fleeces, some longer some shorter, in one rug, so long as they are pushed tightly together they seem to support each other and stay on the tips. My guess is that it's the long length of the Lincoln that is making it lie down..

Let me know how you get on, I'm interested to know how much different staple length makes. Deborah x. It would seem to me that you might want to do some reading about how they felt rugs in the Middle East if you're going to take on more of these larger projects, though I doubt you'd want to acquire a camel. Thanks for your advise Beej : I'm really interested in how they felt rugs in the Middle East, I've read some really interesting descriptions and watched a couple of good though too short for my liking : videos.

Unfortunately my garden is about the size of a postage stamp so tractors are well out of it : I do know people who've had great success doing that though! I considered walking the roll by with my poor balance kept falling off it : It was slower going for me than just rolling it with my arms.

Next time I shall try wrapping it in a sheet rather than bubble wrap I think that'll make a more solid roll that I'd be able to walk better. I made a couple of small rugs with my kids years ago and we walked those..

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