How to hack mac os x

how to hack mac os x

Mac OS X on PC Hack

Still, few at MacHack's Hack Show decided to hack OS X's Aqua interface. "You need to know how it works before you can hack it," said one developer, speaking on condition of anonymity. How To: Hack Mac OS X Lion Passwords How To: Activate the Little-Known Paper Tape Feature on Mac OS X's Calculator App Be the First to Comment Share Your Thoughts. You Login to Comment. Click to share your thoughts Hot; Latest; How To: use terminal on MAC to hack .

This tutorial will show you exactly how to get the latest version of Mac OS X how to hack mac os x your PC in a few simple steps, its also free. If you use this method to download the file you have to download all 24 of the parts. Once you have downloaded all of the parts you must make sure they are all in the same folder and you have to extract the first file and it will how to make shrimp cocktails extract the rest into one folder.

In order to extract these files you must have Winrar can be found at www. Once the files have been extracted you must now burn the ISO to a blank 4. Infra recorder must be installed in order to complete this step.

Goto the "write image button" and browse for thr ISO file 2. Burn the ISO image 3. Make sure your dvd drive is your first boot device 4. Insert dvd and reboot 6. When it says "press any key to boot from cd" hit a key 7. Once its installed you are almost done. Show it off to all of your friends how to update jailbroken iphone 4 to ios 6 watch as thier jaws drop :P.

I tried iAtkos v7. That worked. I tried iAtkos S3 v2 its snow leopard and it worked so much better. I mean everything worked. All my hardware. I could dualboot windows 7 and os x successfully. You'll find my instructable in the related bar on the right.

Is this a real mac os x, os or is only something fake? Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. So how do i can make mac bootable from a 16 Gigabtyes jump drive? Reply 10 years ago on Introduction.

It really depends on what hackintish distro you decide to download Once the operating system has been installed its exactly like running it on a mac You can download software just as you would for a mac.

Reply 11 years ago on Step 5. Windows and Mac have different file formats that are unique to each OS. Unless you could find software like Wine, only for Mac, then no, your Windows stuff will not work. Reply 10 years ago on Step 5.

By xeonfuze Follow. More by the author:. About: k More About xeonfuze ». Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. So lets say that i will use iPc if i download it and install it how many space do i will need.

No that comes separately in the iLife package. Chief7Rings Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. I know, I meant, for Mac instead of Linux. I have an Ubuntu machine with Wine.

Step 1: Download Iatkos V4i ISO

Buying Lion on a Hackintosh - A short, but vital, post on upgrading a Mac OS X "Snow Leopard" Hackintosh to Mac OS X "Lion" via the App Store from the always excellent Bassheadtech. Building a Hackintosh Mini ITX Server - A helpful post on building a "Hackintosh" Mac mini running Mac OS X "Lion" Server. Also from Bassheadtech.

If you want to know the ins and outs of Mac OS X, talk to the people who spend the most time with it — the hard-core hackers and coders who descend upon Dearborn, Michigan each year for the MacHack conference. Like all Mac users, those attending MacHack last month are still learning their way around the new operating system. The verdict?

While criticism about the OS was plentiful, questions replaced complaints, demonstrations replaced sarcasm, and patience replaced ire as attendees of the conference worked to learn everything they could about OS X. Developer after developer pointed out how certain items would run slowly, in some cases too slowly, to be a part of a shipping product, they argued. MacHack attendees also criticized the Classic environment for opening too slowly, looking terrible behind the Aqua interface, and running applications too slowly.

Nevertheless, many coders readily conceded that updates made by Apple since the release of OS X have addressed some performance issues. Apple also sent four members from technical publications to help developers at the conference.

After almost two hours, more than comments, questions, and concerns had been documented. Attendees voted on each, with a finalized list submitted to Apple at the end of MacHack. Documentation was another area of concern for MacHack attendees, who repeatedly asked for documentation of one feature or another during the conference.

Apple intentionally made the performance book the second installment in the series, company representatives said, since it addresses one of the paramount concerns of developers. Among dozens of issues, MacHack attendees wanted additional support for function keys, the ability to either customize the Dock or allow third parties to replace the Dock, easier ways to get screen shots, and better support for multiple monitors.

Ian Ollmann. Ollmann suggested that AltiVec is a powerful performance-enhancing tool in the G4 processor that is underused because little is known about it. Ollmann won the best paper at MacHack this year, so perhaps his work will have a significant impact beyond the conference in the form of more AltiVec-enabled applications. After all, the winning hack this year was AltiVec-enabled.

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