How to build a nitrous engine

how to build a nitrous engine

Pressing the Limits of a Ford 557 by Adding Nitrous

Dec 28,  · We build a nitrous-ready cubic inch big-block Chevy engine for Super Chevy True Street drag racing competition with performance parts . Feb 26,  · Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, TRE Racing Engines survived a shop fire three years ago, and is now back to building top-notch drag racing engines like this big block Chevy nitrous engine for X drag radial racing. Click to find out what the shop went through to survive disaster, and how this engine came together.

If done right, nitrous is an affordable and easy way to add a lot of performance bkild your street car. The quest for more horsepower is a frustrating one. It seems like no matter how much we get we just end up wanting even more. This desire to have our engines push out more power generally leads to bigger cams, higher-flowing heads, and a host of other performance upgrades.

The only problem is that this extra power comes at a cost. Maybe it's terrible gas mileage or a cam that's so radical that the car becomes a pain to deal with on the street or maybe it just costs more money than you want to spend. Enter nitrous oxide: that magical combination of atoms that lets the tk run a relatively mild engine and still put down some serious power with the flip of a switch or two.

Sign in. BMWs backlog of incredible cars spans decades but it gets thinner as it reaches present day. So enthusiasts often prefer to buy older Bimmers, to get their proper BMW fix. Another unfortunate truth is that most owners of older BMWs have to wrench themselves, as paying for said wrenching can cost a ton of money.

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It was Carroll Shelby's late twentieth-century update of the Cobra he created a nirrous decades prior, and it was only natural for the Viper to hit the track. Wine Place Cards. Mini how to build a nitrous engine. Place cards. Looking for some more storage at home? Rather than engije some cheap, and frankly rubbish, flatpack nonsense, why not consider making your own masterpiece?.

Like any project of this nature, you'll need some tools and It would sure be nice to be able to enjoy the pool even on engibe cold day but for that you need a heater. A really great and convenient solution that engiine suggest is making a DIY solar pool heater. Ford will be shutting down production of the How to build a nitrous engine with a plan to resume assembling the pony car afterward.

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Planning a Nitrous Motor; Constructing a serious motor for nitrous use requires different priorities than a normally-aspirated motor. Here I will touch on some of the more important factors regarding the details of the motor itself. The assumption made is that the motor is being either built or re-tuned to make optimum use of a good-sized. Planning a Nitrous Motor; Constructing a serious motor for nitrous use requires different priorities than a normally-aspirated motor. Here I will touch on some of the more important factors regarding the details of the motor itself. The assumption made is that the motor is being either built or re-tuned to make optimum use of a good-sized. The engine has a dual-plane intake which can be problematic when using a spray-bar-type nitrous plate, but with the perimeter plate the nitrous and fuel is discharged around the outer edge which.

Nitrous gets a rap for being hard on parts, but with the right engineering, a nitrous engine can be a tough, long-lasting performer. Learn what it takes to create a piston optimized to survive and thrive on the bottle. With the right parts and the right attitude though, an engine built for spray can live a long, healthy, and happy life, and the recipe starts with the part that sees the most abuse on the bottle — the piston. To find out the specifics of what a slug designed especially for use with nitrous oxide are, we sat down with Nick DiBlasi at Wiseco Pistons.

For those customers, we build something custom, exactly to their needs. Also, if we have a shelf part designed for nitrous where the majority of the market uses a shot, but someone wants to use shot, then we will most likely move them to something custom. There is no exact formula, as every application and duty cycle is different.

We have seen drift cars use nitrous a lot lately and will want to move those to custom pistons, as the duty cycle is much longer than of a drag racing engine of the same specs. One of them that comes to mind is putting a 4-inch stroke in a Small Block Chevy with a 6-inch rod. This makes a compression height of 1. Once the impossible is discarded, what remains is to optimize the piston design for durability and power. Nitrous oxide applies cylinder pressures and temperatures very differently from a naturally aspirated or boosted engine, requiring a matching approach to things like where the ring package is located relative to the crown, the thickness of the crown material, and even the construction of the skirt and pin boss.

The proper pin thickness and length are designed to handle the demands of the engine while making sure the pin bosses have enough pin engagement material. The location of the top ring becomes a compromise; while modern factory engine designs tend to place the primary compression ring as close to the crown as possible to reduce crevice volume in order to help emissions, this is less than ideal in a nitrous engine.

The only thing to watch out for is the premature wearing of rings due to the increased pressure that the face of the ring sees. Besides providing a compression seal, the top rings also play a critical role in transferring heat from the body of the piston to the cylinder wall, and with the added energy in a nitrous application, this becomes even more important. Both ring material and the ring gap need to be specified with spray in mind. We suggest a hardened nitrous series ring, carbon steel nitride ring, or a stainless steel ring for best longevity.

While the tendency in recent years for both racing and factory engines has been to run tighter end gaps for better efficiency, special care must be taken for nitrous powerplants. We include a guideline of instructions that walk our customers and engine builders through some math based on their bore, application, duty cycle, and a few other variables.

The principle is the more heat, the more end gap you want to start with, so when everything is at its full operating temperature, nothing binds. When the rings end up running into each other, they lock in the cylinder bore and start yanking the top land from the rest of the piston. It results in over-heating the piston, detonation, and total piston failure very quickly. Incorrect ring end gap is probably in the top five reasons why pistons fail. Another recent trend in piston design has been to move the oil ring down to the point where the groove actually intersects the pin bore.

This allows for shorter overall piston height, more room to put the ring package farther down from the crown, or a combination of the two. But is it a good idea for a piston designed for nitrous duty?

Providing the ring lands, crown thickness, and ring material is designed for the application, there should be no difference to the performance if using a rail support or not. Starting at the top, the right treatment can give piston tops an additional layer of defense against the increased combustion heat load.

Aluminum can only go through so many heat cycles, as they lower its hardness level. You can fight this by removing the heat that anneals the pistons. Boost Vs. Thanksgiving dinner at the Power Adder family table is always awkward. No matter how much the three kids have accomplished over the past year, the conversation always turns to how Blower is a bit of a parasite, and Turbo keeps putting too much pressure on everyone. But the real black sheep is always Nitrous — too cheap, and always wrecking things when he gets a little greedy.

Nitrous oxide has a reputation for eating pistons, but with the right tune and the right parts, engines can live long, healthy lives on the bottle. Because of the additional heat and pressure generated by nitrous oxide, a typical piston designed for that application will move the ring package downward, away from the crown, to protect the top ring while still providing good sealing.

Another characteristic of a nitrous piston design right is a thicker-than-usual crown to act as a heat sink, as well as special attention to the material thickness around areas like valve relief pockets. The piston on the left is a max-effort NA design with a much shorter top ring land. For durability, the design of the pin bores and supporting piston structure is critical. Higher cylinder pressures require additional reinforcement, and the entire piston needs higher rigidity to keep it cylindrical and help the rings maintain a good seal.

Short piston heights combined with a lowered ring package can move the oil ring groove into the pin bore area, but with a proper support ring, this isn't a drawback. The right high-tech coating can help reject heat from the piston crown and improve both performance and longevity.

Today's coating processes like Wiseco's ArmorPlating are engineered specifically for extreme environments. Written by Paul Huizenga. All Rights Reserved.

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